Higher Place

Start your future from the best vantage point. At Redmond University, ethical leadership, academic rigor, a commitment to the greater good and a spectacular setting inspire stewardship and a renewed sense of optimism and responsibility. Begin your education from a higher place, and gain a head start on your future.

Greater Good

Share yourself with others. Here, service is more than a buzzword. It's a way of life. We power change with research, scholarship and plenty of hands-on hard work. Our faculty will guide you as you contribute your time, your knowledge, your determination and hope to making your world a better place. An ongoing scientific study of tree buds yields valuable information about climate change.

World Wise

Expand your worldview. A well-worn passport will give you a deeper understanding of the ways people, cultures and issues interconnect. RU will prepare you to apply knowledge to compete and lead in the global environment to create positive change for yourself, your community and your world.

Action Leaders

Search for new solutions. We apply our intellectual might to address the most important technological, social, political and cultural issues of the day. But we don't just talk about change; we make it happen. At RU, you'll learn to tackle real-world problems head-on with imagination, curiosity and courage.


We fit your life. Quality education that's affordable and convenient.

University Of Redmond
1700 Seventh Avenue
Suite 2100
Seattle WA 98101

Fax      :206-350-9225
               Email  :redmond@techie.com 

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